SAND Network Systems is dedicated to control and network technology. We develop and manufacture hardware and software for Ethernet and USB, entertainment specific technologies like DMX, RDM, ACN, MIDI, wireless DMX, as well as a number of open and manufacturer proprietary protocols. We also provide products for the architectural control market, including DALI, KNX, ZigBee, and BACNet.

Current products include the well established SandNet, the only network operating system integrating standard communication protocols with a multitude of industry and manufacturer specific control protocols. SandNet provides unparalleled connectivity, processing, monitoring, and management capabilities for networks of all sizes.

Our SandBoxes and SandPorts are multi-protocol hardware solutions for Ethernet and USB to DMX. These products offer cost effective and feature packed solutions for portable and permanent installations.

Our hardware and software are part of an aggressive development program designed to bring SAND Network Systems, Inc. to the forefront of the control and entertainment network industry. We are actively participating in relevant standards development, including the ESTA RDM and ACN task groups, as part of our commitment to further develop and drive sophisticated and user friendly new technology.

Sales and support for the Americas, embedded development, and hardware manufacturing is located in northern California. Sales and support for Europe and application level software development is based in Oslo, Norway.

The Team

Hans Lau has been in the lighting industry for almost 30 years, starting as the founder of AVAB in Norway in the late 70s, combined with extensive involvement with the AVAB group in Sweden, Germany, and the US during the 80s and 90s. He is the CEO of AVAB America, Inc. and co-founder of SAND Network Systems. He has extensive experience with sales and customer support in the entertainment industry and with development and manufacturing of lighting control equipment and systems.

Yngve Sandboe has been involved in software development for professional lighting, sound, and audio-visual control for more than 20 years. He also has extensive lighting background in professional, large scale environments, including many years at the National Theatre in Oslo, Norway. Some of his most notable feats include the development of the AVAB VLC/Safari system, SandMan architectural control, SandNet network operating system, and the original SandBox EMX2/10 interface. Yngve is also a co-founder of SAND Network Systems.

Joe Dupré has been involved with industrial design and engineering of electrical and electronic products for over 20 years. Always eager to learn new skills, he has taken on the hardware design and firmware development of the SAND Network devices. He also threw together this website.